How to master the investment due diligence for your SaaS startup: Part 3

Join Nauta Capital and Metrix Partners on a 3-part webinar series aiming to demystify the much dreaded and sometimes misunderstood concept of SaaS startup due diligence.  

Covering the processes, data, and scope required for each stage in your startup’s journey, the webinars will help you prepare for your next due diligence like a pro. 

Each session will include best practice tips, practical how-to’s as well as data-driven case studies from early-stage startups that have successfully raised their first VC round to those acquired by multi-billion corporations. 

Part 1: Before Due Diligence – 12th of May 2021, 6pm CET 

  • Charting your investment landscape 
  • Metrics that impact your valuation 
  • From accounting to the best management accounts 
  • Business planning. Scenarios 

Part 2: During Due Diligence – 9th June 2021, 6pm CET  

  • Process, process… and process 
  • Communication 
  • Closing and reporting 
  • The due diligence that adds value

Part 3: After due diligence – 7th July 2021, 6pm CET  

  • Going back to business after fundraising 
  • How to start with your investor on the right foot 
  • What’s next? 

To make the most of the webinar, founders are encouraged to join the session most relevant to their current journey.  

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Jul 07 2021

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