27th January 2021

Click, click … bug report, or why we invested in Bird Eats Bug.

We kick off 2021 with the announcement of our investment in Bird Eats Bug. We are excited to lead the €1.5m Seed round in the Berlin-based startup and join Dan, Francisco and Jacky on their exciting journey to build the go-to solution for pain-free bug reporting and ultimately the go-to video communication for Software Quality Assurance (QA). 🐤🍽️🐛

Meet the Bird Eats Bug Team: Dan, Jacky and Francisco (LTR)

Whether you work in a tech team or not, you probably already have encountered the endless and painful back-and-forth after you encountered a software error. We certainly have, and we don’t even work primarily with software development (we still develop our own internal intelligence, read more about it here). Once you find a bug, the back-and-forth with the tech team starts:“Which browser did you use? “ “What did you click on?” Just to end with: “Sorry I can’t re-create your problem”.

In the “best” case scenario, this only leads to user frustration, in the worst case, this leaves major software vulnerabilities that remain unsolved – and we all know what happened after an unfixed bug to Ariane 5 (c. $400m explosion of the first Ariane 5 rocket due to a software bug).

Enter – Bird Eats Bug: Dan, Francisco and Jacky have built a cloud-based solution that allows users to report bugs in just three clicks, and automatically enrich these reports with additional information, such as console and system information, as well as network warnings. Even better, Bird integrates with common issue tracker software, such as Jira, Linear and Trello. The previously endless process that used to include numerous back-and-forth messages becomes a 3-click process to record a bug and share it / upload it to a common repo / automatically push it to Jira.

You can sign up to Bird (for free!), to test how many clicks you would need to create a bug report, here:👉 https://birdeatsbug.com/signup

🤓 Learn more about Bird on their website:https://birdeatsbug.com/
👩‍💻 Work with a great & experienced team: https://birdeatsbug.join.com/
🎟️ Sign-up here to stop the back & forth: https://birdeatsbug.com/signup