About Nauta Labs

Nauta Labs is the specialist venture programme for Europe’s B2B pre-seed deeptech companies, led by Nauta Capital. Inspired by the scarcity in capital available for pre-seed B2B deeptech companies, the initiative will invest in 12-16 companies.

Through Nauta Labs, founders will receive capital and operational guidance to help accelerate their concepts into the next generation of Europe’s deep tech category leaders.

How Nauta Labs works

We invited a selection of deeptech enterprise companies to join Nauta Labs .

Each company received pre-seed capital between £100-£250k. In addition to the investment, selected startups will get operational and strategic support to help them scale their idea from validation and customer discovery to go-to-market and monetisation strategy.

Within 12 – 18 months of joining Nauta Labs, the companies will have a further opportunity to pitch our investment teams for a seed or Series A investment where Nauta Capital will either lead or co-invest with other investors.

The ideas and concepts that fit with Nauta Labs’ thesis

We want to invest in ideas and concepts applying the latest cutting-edge technologies to solve hard problems faced by enterprises.



European HQ



Strong Founding Team


Enterprise themes

Cloud Management


DevOps / Developer tools

Deeptech domains

Machine Learning /
Artificial Intelligence

Open Source

Quantum software /

Gain capital and support to super-charge your venture

Through the programme, selected teams will receive investment, as well as operational guidance from our experienced investment team.

After the initial pre-seed investment, successful teams will get the opportunity to raise their Seed and Series A rounds from Nauta or from our network of investors.


£100k-£250K investment to validate and take your deeptech startup to market.

Strategic Support

Guidance and advice from experienced operators and investors.

Global Network

Become part of a global founder community.

Nauta Perks

Access to discounts, free credits and more through the Nauta Perks.

Apply to be part of the #NautaLabs community

We have currently closed applications for the current iteration of Nauta Labs. However, we encourage any start-up looking to be Europe’s next big B2B deeptech player to submit their pitch, so we can review them for when we open up our programme again.

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Connect with the Nauta Labs Team

Carles Ferrer Roqueta

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Pratima Aiyagari

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you have plenty of questions, so please take a moment to read some of the frequently asked questions below first. If you still have questions (which we’re sure you will) feel free to contact a member of our Nauta Labs team.

 When can I apply? Is there a deadline?

Applications to Nauta Labs are accepted on a rolling basis. However, we are currently not actively investing in new Nauta Labs companies as we focus on helping the current companies. All applications submitted, will be considered for when we re-open to new participants.

What is the Nauta Labs deal?

Our aim is to back deeptech startups with pre-seed investment. Ticket sizes will range between £100-250K depending on potential and in exchange for equity in the businesses via a SAFE note.

How long will it take until I get an answer?

Our aim is to make the decision on all applications as fast as possible. If there is a strong fit and we like the idea, it will typically take 3 – 4 weeks from application to Term Sheet.

What does the Nauta Labs investment process look like?

Our aim is to be transparent in our process of reviewing suitable startups for the Labs programme. Below is what a typical journey looks like.

  • Step: Investment Proposal Submission
    • All entries are submitted through the form on this page.
  • Step 2: Initial Review
    • After your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Nauta Lab’s team.
  • Step 3: First Meeting
    • We will invite short-listed companies for a 1.5-hour meeting for a pitch, product demo and a Q & A.
  • Step 4: Internal review 
    • Due diligence from both our investment team and the founders.
  • Step 5: Partner Presentation
    • Selected companies are invited for a 1-hour pitch meeting with our Partners.
  • Step 6: Proceed to TS
    • If your pitch goes well and we decide to invest, a Term Sheet will be issued to the founding team.

I’m raising a larger round, are you able to invest more capital?

The Labs programme is specific to pre-seed deeptech startups looking to raise £100 – £250k, and are too early for our Seed and Series A rounds. For those raising £245K +, we can co-invest with other angels and pre-seed investors for a total round size of up to £500-750k.

Please note, if you are at Seed or Series A stage, please reach out via our contact page.

Will you follow-on?

We have a +£190M Seed and Series A fund so we can follow on selected startups on the Labs programme – subject to viability and fit.

I'm having technical issues submitting my deck. Can you help?

If you face technical difficulties during the submission, please email your deck and info (as well as the issue) to: pratima@nautacapital.com