• Bird Eats Bug helps companies solve one of the most time-consuming problems in software development – fixing technical bugs
  • With Bird Eats Bug browser extension, over 30,000 bugs have been reported to date with a recommendation rate of over 96% by its existing users
  • The investment round was led by Nauta Capital

Berlin, 14h January 2021 – Bird Eats Bug, the SaaS tool that helps companies save time on fixing technical issues, has raised €1.5M led by Nauta Capital.

Bird Eats Bug has built a SaaS tool that allows even non-technical people to create data-rich bug reports that can save companies expensive engineering time. While a user makes a screen recording of the issue, Bird Eats Bug’s browser extension automatically augments it with valuable technical data like console logs, network errors, browser information, etc. Such reports allow software engineers to find the cause of the problem a lot faster and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth.

According to research from the University of Cambridge, developers actually spend half of their time debugging. It means that Bird Eats Bug is addressing the most time-consuming part of software development, which currently costs companies $312 billion per year.

Dan Makarov, Co-founder and CEO of Bird Eats Bug said: “Having tested demand for the tool, we now want to focus on technology that will provide engineers with new ways to debug and allow testers or product managers to report issues without the need to reproduce them first. We will also integrate the product with more issue trackers in addition to the currently supporting Jira, Linear, and Trello to further reduce manual work.”

Guillem Sague, Berlin-based Partner at Nauta Capital commented: “We were impressed by the quality of the product and the design at such an early stage. We love to be the first partner of product-focused entrepreneurs.”

Before this investment, Bird Eats Bug was self-funded by its three co-founders: Francisco Lourenço (CTO), Jacky Chung (CPO) and Dan Makarov (CEO) who come from product and tech backgrounds having previously worked at companies including Google, BCG Digital Ventures, and Rocket Internet.

The SaaS company was incorporated in 2020, and has seen more than 30,000 bugs reported to date by over 500 companies from mainly the U.S. and Europe.

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About Bird Eats Bug:

Bird Eats Bug is a SaaS tool that helps companies save time on technical issues. Thanks to a no-code solution and integrations with popular issue trackers, Bird Eats Bug allows even non-technical people to create interactive data-rich bug reports that help engineers deliver better software faster. Visit www.birdeatsbug.com to learn more.

About Nauta:

Nauta  Capital is a  Pan-European Venture Capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies, with offices in London, Barcelona, and Berlin. With over half a billion assets under management and a team of 24 people, Nauta Capital is one of Europe’s largest B2B focused VCs. As a sector-agnostic investor, Nauta’s main areas of interest include B2B SaaS solutions with strong network effects, vertically focused enterprise tech transforming large industries as well as those leveraging deep-tech applications to solve challenges faced by large enterprises. Nauta  has led investments in more than 50 companies including Brandwatch, HappySignals, Marfeel, Nextail, Emjoy, zenloop, Mercaux, Holded, Onna, MishiPay, and Smart Protection.  Find out more at www.nautacapital.com.