• The Spain-based startup will use the investment to accelerate their product development and triple employee headcount
  • Other investors participating in the round are Bankinter and Encomenda Smart Capital

Valencia, Spain – on July 19th 2018 – Landbot – a conversational website builder – announced that they have raised a $2.2M Seed Round led by Pan-European VC Nauta Capital. Other investors participating in the round were Bankinter and Encomenda Smart Capital.

Launched in 2017, Landbot is revolutionizing the way companies engage with their customers by helping them provide a frictionless experience. Rather than using an AI-based engine like other chatbot providers, Landbot sets itself apart with a conversational user interface and marketing bots. On the outside, a landing page may appear the same for each visitor, but Landbot asks questions and adapts content to the individual. The result is a significant increase in conversion rates and superior customer engagement.

“With Landbot we are democratizing the power of chatbots so anyone without technical knowledge can easily build a complete conversational flow in minutes. With the new funding, we will further improve the UX of Landbot for final users, enhance the building process and rebuild our chat management system. We also plan to add new product lines to cover the complete spectrum of customer journey from lead generation to customer support. ” said Landbot CEO – Jiaqi Pan.

In less than one year, Landbot already has over 900 customers from 50+ countries with a 30-40% MRR Growth MoM. However, to become the best conversational experience platform and build a world-class product, Landbot recognizes that they need the best talent. Their next move is relocating their head office to Barcelona to get stronger visibility for international talent and triple their employee headcount.

“Landbot has experienced strong commercial traction and virality over the past months and the team has been able to attract customers from a variety of countries and verticals,” said Jordi Vinas, General Partner at Nauta Capital VC. “We strongly believe in Jiaqi’s ability to continue scaling the business in a capital efficient way.”

The investment will enable Landbot to invest more in their brand. “In a world where there are thousands of competing solutions in the market, the only way to win is to differentiate yourself from Product, Service, and Brand. Until now, we’ve relied on word of mouth marketing and the virality of the product to grow, but that will change now. We will review our entire customer journey and align all of our strategy to offer a frictionless communication, added Jiaqi.”


For more information about this press release, contact:

Landbot | Fran Conejos | fran@landbot.io

Nauta Capital | Sam Ahmed | sam.ahmed@nautacapital.com

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About Landbot

Landbot is a Conversational Website Builder that allows businesses to create a fully customized chatbot in minutes without coding that’s integrated into their workflow and finally add it to their websites in different formats – from a classic live chat to a full-page conversation – to engage visitors and increase conversion rates.

Launched in 2017, Landbot has over 900 customers from 50+ countries and has received funding from Nauta Capital, several Business Angels and seed funds. Visit landbot.io for more information.

The company behind the brand, Helloumi, started out in mid-2015 as the world’s first personal concierge on WhatsApp. While delivering sushi and booking flights, Helloumi discovered the potential of IM and chatbots and decided to start selling his own software to other companies.

About Nauta Capital

Nauta Capital is a pan-European Venture Capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies operating from two main hubs: London and Barcelona. Main areas of interest include B2B Software propositions, disruptive Digital Media companies, and enabling technologies for Mobile and the Internet. Nauta has $300+ million under management and invests in Western Europe and the USA. Nauta has led investments in 30+ companies including Brandwatch, CloudIQ, Nextail, GreatCall, Marfeel, MishiPay, Force Manager, Scytl, Getapp, BeMyEye, Geoblink, Aba English, Fizzback, Privalia and Social Point. www.nautacapital.com