• The seed round was led by Nauta Capital alongside prominent angels including the founders of GitHub and Netlify 
  • The open-source platform enables software developers to run and scale their applications in less than a minute without the need to manage complex infrastructure  
  • The funding will enable Nhost to accelerate their product development, go-to-market strategy as well as hire new talent across the business  

Stockholm/Berlin – 22 April 2021 – Nhost, the Swedish startup providing backend-as-a-service (BaaS) for developers, has today announced raising $3 Million led by Nauta Capital. Prominent angels including the founders of GitHubTom Preston-Werner and Scott Chacon, the founders of Netlify, Christian Bach and Mathias Biilmann, as well as the startup’s existing investor, Antler, also participated in the round. 

With a mission to be the go-to infrastructure for developers and teams of all sizes, Nhost has built an open-source solution that offers a fully functional BaaS and application platform that enables its users to build, deploy, and run scalable backend applications in less than one minute. 

As a result, developers get instant access to a packaged stack of open-source components, including database, API, storage, user authentication and hosting, therefore eliminating the time and resources needed to build a backend infrastructure, and providing value to their customers as soon as possible.  

As industries and businesses become increasingly more digitised – with only 3% of the world’s population being software engineers – availability and competition for talent has increased in recent years.  

Johan Eliasson, CEO and co-founder explains: “It’s interesting to see how much innovation is happening in usability on the frontend with tools like Netlify and Vercel, but not as much in the backend, which is what we are trying to change. I’ve spent my career building small and large apps for myself and for clients. It’s always the same generic problem for me and for other developers: How to set-up the backend infrastructure, security, scalability without repeating the process every single time?”

“That’s why we built a flexible and agnostic backend; where there is no limit to what you can build and there is no industry that Nhost is specific for. So, if you’re a developer who wants to develop something, Nhost is a great way to get you up and running in 45 seconds and you can start working on the app-specific frontend features you want to really focus on.”-  Johan Eliasson, CEO and co-founder

Moreover, with 80% of web applications requiring standardised features such as database, authentication, storage, user management and notifications, there has never been a greater need for Nhost’s low-code backend solution that eliminates the need to build these repeated components from scratch. 

The Stockholm-based startup was founded in 2020, when the two co-founders Johan Eliasson and Nuno Pato met through Antler’s platform. 

Having quickly gained traction within the developer community, Nhost is used by a range of customers from tech startups and SMBs to agencies and indie hackers.  

“What we see happening is that roughly half of our customers are using Nhost to build new applications from scratch while the other half is integrating Nhost with existing applications and data-sources, proving that Hasura, alongside our open-source authentication solution, is a great choice for centralising data access. 

Having the backing from investors such as Nauta and Antler, as well as renowned angels such as Tom Preston-Werner, Scott Chacon, Mathias Biilmann and Christian Bach, is further proof point for Nhost’s potential”, said Nuno Pato, CTO and co-founder. 

Commenting on the investment, Nauta Capital’s Partner Guillem Sague said: “Nhost makes developers more productive by automating backend functions, allowing them to focus on value-added tasks. In addition, Nhost is built on battle-tested open source technologies that break vendor lock-in and align with open source values. We believe in the power of open source to improve digital ecosystems worldwide and Nhost fits perfectly into our investment thesis.”  

Anders Hammarbäck, Partner at Antler, adds “With the world becoming increasingly digitized by the day, Nhost is solving an ever growing problem across many industries. Adding to that, co-founders Johan and Nuno both possess the deep expertise needed to build this, along with a genuine passion to solve a pain point that they’ve both experienced first-hand throughout their careers in software engineering. We are proud and excited to continue supporting Nhost as they are now starting to scale up.” 

In addition to optimising the platform for enterprise customers, Nhost plans to use the fresh capital to enhance its product, launch a freemium model as well as hire new talent across the business. 


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About Nhost 

Nhost is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) and application platform that enables individuals and teams of all sizes to build robust and highly scalable applications faster. It does so by providing a set of open-source components perfectly tied together with a world-class developer experience. Find out more at https://nhost.io. 

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