In our latest research report, we dive into the exciting world of Open-Source Software. From exploring the origins to its commercialisation, and the current state of play, the report highlights why Open Source is Eating Europe.

Open-source software has led to a faster and better way of building software. More than 55% of the software that companies use is already Open Source and Europe is well-positioned to birth and scale these ventures. Find out about the continent’s growing OSS startup landscape and funding trends!



The OSS market is growing at a CAGR of 24.2%.

65% of all software used by businesses will be OSS by 2022.

OSS Funding during COVID-19 has skyrocketed: $2.9B was raised across 49 Rounds.

UK and Germany are among the Top 3 OSS contributors.

“Blending cloud technologies, code sharing and online communities has led to an explosion in open-source contributions.”

– Guillem Saque, Partner, Nauta Capital ​