A technology platform that personalises shopping journeys within retailers’ websites.

Hullabalook is a London-based, founded in 2016 by Bryony and Barny. Hullabalook is a platform to create your new e-commerce customer journey at the intersection of serverless delivery, edge-personalisation and user-specific product rankings. The idea behind it is to break the link between a website’s front-end and your existing ecommerce platform – free of any existing constraints (whether performance, data structures or UI) without the need to re-platform. The front-end can be replaced and incremental improvements can be rolled out, such as new category listings pages or more interactive PDPs. The Hullabalook Platform uses the “JAM Stack” (Javascript, APIs & Markup) to deliver experiences on a highly-scalable, super-fast architecture. Using their award-winning full-stack platform, they can rapidly develop personalised product discovery experiences that allow shoppers to find the products they want to buy faster. They work with customers across the globe, in 5 continents – including 6 of the top 10 Home and Garden retailers in the UK.



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