Automation of kubernetes and cloud-native operations across multi-cloud, edge and on-perm data centres.

Founded in 2016, Kubermatic develops enterprise-grade software solutions which support the safe navigatation and accelerate the cloud native transformation, helping IT teams worldwide to fully automate their Kubernetes and cloud native operations across multi-cloud, edge, and on-prem. The open source Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform facilitates the operation of thousands of Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is the most adaptable and autonomous Kubernetes management platform for edge, on-prem and cloud environments. It offers a 10x architecture that can handle any scaling or load scenario, while maintaining best-in-class adaptability thanks to its unique root-, seed- and user cluster design. The management plane consumes 20 times less resources compared to competitive solutions, to deliver always available Kubernetes clusters with minimal performance impact. Kubermatic supports most cloud providers and its superior open source integration makes it the perfect fit for any environment.



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