Net AI

AI-based solutions, offering real-time analytics, for effective 4G/5G networks’ management and monetisation.

Founded in 2020, Net AI is an Edinburgh, Scotland based company which operates in the network management domain targeting mobile operators. Mobile operators today struggle to predict volume and demand of network resources, and Net AI aims to decompose network data and provide analytics which will help operators automatically perform resource allocation to reduce capex and opex while increasing network efficiency. They also provide real-time insights to reduce costs associated with inaccurate resource provisioning. Net AI is a network intelligence and advanced analytics company in the Telecom sector. The customisable software tool uses AI to provide real-time, non-intrusive traffic insights that drive the optimisation of virtualised mobile network resources, which reduces CAPEX/OPEX/TCO and enables mobile carriers to move their data infrastructure online, supporting significantly higher profit margins.



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