A software helping businesses to monitor and undersantd their analytics across disparate systems.

Trackingplan, an Alicante-based (Spain) start-up offers monitoring and analysis of anaytics across disparate systems. It’s a real-time single source of truth across all your customer data and frontend systems, letting business’ users and product managers own and understand how everything is performing in real-time and identify misconfigurations, anomalies and potential issues before they adversely affect your business. Adding just one script to frontends, it watches and models in real-time everything from Web or mobile Apps and sends the information to third parties like Google Analytics, Amplitude, Intercom, Hubspot… It porvides the customer with up-to-date documentation and data dictionary. It also alerts when there are schema inconsistencies in events, properties, user attributes, or UTM params. It helps to detect product problems and easily debug and fix the causes.



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