Nauta Capital, in partnership with Dealroom, analysed over 800 European startups backed by venture capital firms from 2015 to 2019.

Focusing on B2B startups, the report provides an overview of the current state the $26 Trillion industry, the startups solving the retail industry’s key challenges, and the sub-categories attracting the most investment.

The report also features stories from entrepreneurs working with some of the world’s leading retail brands, as well as views and predictions from European VCs investing in the space.


European retail tech companies have a combined value of €86B

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European retail tech investment has been growing by 10% YOY since 2015.


Views & Predictions

“We believe the physical and digital retail worlds will continue to meld. Physical retail will remain an important part of the customer journey, but retailers will tailor their physical experience to meet the unique demands of their customer base. Helping drive this shift will be the continued blurring between the consumption of goods and consumption of services.”

– Julia Huang,  Managing Director, American Express Ventures

“The promise of last-mile delivery solutions such as drones and unmanned vehicles have failed to deliver. While these solutions are ambitious, companies have found that existing systems, infrastructure, and regulation inhibit deployment.” 

– Jordi Vinas, General Partner, Nauta Capital